Make a way, newts!
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Yasmina Clairvoya


Magic power
Helps you see into the future
Witch Mark
Egyptian Eye
Wicked Princess
Favorite color
Passionate Purple
Favorite movie
Favorite food
Chocolate covered ants
Favorite drink
Hocus Pocus Mocha
Favorite music
Dance, Trance and Electric

Yasmina Clairvoya is one of the five main Characters introduced in Bratzillaz, but most fans say that she maybe be the one main character. Her cousin and Bratz counterpart is Yasmin.

Yasmina has psychic related abilities in seeing into the future, more specifically one's own!


Yasmina is known to be a very unique individual. While she seems to like fashion and such like the others, she somehow makes herself stand out from the crowd. But she also likes to help others to avoid problems that may be heading their way.

She is also very pretty and a gorgeous glam eyeful!


Yasmina is a very pale, white skinned girl with bright brown-orange colored eyes with usually the right one being covered by a gold monocle on a gold bead string. Her cheeks are light pink while her lips seem to purple-pink. Yasmina has light gray colored hair with even cut bangs above her eyes and her long, below the knee length hair worn in four separate braids held with golden clips.

Her outfit consists of purple (her fave color). Her top is a purple corset with very thin black strings in the center and a gold segment on top. Her monocle seems to clip to the silver shield ornament that clips her pure purple cape shut. She also has on golden khaki pants with pockets, and black tall boots with strings going up the entire boot.


  • Yasmina has a relationship with Levitor.
  • Yasmina has the same colors with Clawdeen Wolf.
    • Violet, Gold and Brown, with a bit Black.