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  • I am Your Worst Nightmare
  • Stellamusa101

    Hello guys! Spectra here. I'm really bored right now that I have to make a blog. Below there is something mysterious around Monster High. Last week me and Cleo went to Bratzillaz Academy, and we've found something weird…now I'm gonna tell what we did during we're there!

    7.00 am - 8.00 am

    • Oh my ghoul, b-o-r-i-n-g! Me and Cleo did nothing there! We just look around to find something interesting in Bratzillaz Academy, but, oh ghoul…no word AT ALL!!

    8.00 am - 8.40 am

    • Well at least we did something there. We met Cloetta Spelletta and she told us all about Bratzillaz. Sounds quite interesting, BUT not as interesting as Monster High! Then, we talked about how pain school is. Cleo de Nile sad that it's like hell!! Cloetta said that school is interestin…
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