Make a way, newts!
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Sashabella Paws


Magic Power
Communicates with animals
Tribal cat
Boo Woo
Favorite Pet
Favorite Color
Underground earth tones
Favorite Movie
Pet Cemetery
Favorite Food
Tofu bat burgers and imitation rat
Favorite Drink
Poison Ivy Tea
Favorite Music
Ferocious funk, hip-hop
Fashion Passion
Fierce faux fur

Sashabella Paws is one of the main characters of Bratzillaz. With the animal kingdom under her spell, she can help you communicate with creatures everywhere!


Sashabella Paws and her pet furball Fluffinscruff help you communicate with animals everywhere. She loves faux fur, mixing it up with patterns, funky hats and fuzzy boots! With her fierce fashion style and bewitching personality, Sashabella keeps the animal kingdom under her spell!

In the webisodes, more of Sashabella's behavior is shown. She seems to be gentle and nice, and while her vocal tone sounds like it would have an attitude, she has not shown this in the least bit. She has "catty" behavior, but this may only be while in her witch form.


Sashabella is a pale/white skinned girl with glowing yellow eyes. Her hair is white and somewhat messy with very thin streaks of black. She wears a green hat with thin yellow line detailing all over it. She has very lightly blushed cheeks and grayish eye makeup and red lipstick.

Sashabella wears a Red-Magenta dress with multiple belts over it, long thin black sleeves and magenta-red cuffs with belts on them. She has her marking located on her right leg above her knee and wears green stockings that match her witch hat pattern. Her cape looks to be made of fur at the neck but is most likely gray and soft pink faux fur, while the rest of the cape has a zigzag pattern with red, pink, and green zig-zag markings. Sashabella also has on black heels with black/dark-gray fake fur, making them resemble winter boots.


  • She maybe similar to Frankie Stein.
    • Both have black and white striped hairs, both share the same personality, both like black.
  • She has a relationship with Igneus.
  • Sashabella could be the best friend of Frankie Stein.