Hi! This is the wiki's founder, Jana. I have created this page because people might make unnecessary pages. Well, here they are! Monster High and Bratzillaz Rocks!

What happens when you do not follow the rules

1. The first time, you will receive a warning from one of the admins and getting blocked for 3 weeks. 2. The second time, we will protect your page, adding a grading template and getting blocked for a month. 3. The third time, we will add another grading template, we will forfeit you from going here.

How to get unblocked

1. Give us a message at Winxpedia Wikia. 2. We will edit your ban time to 2 days. 3. Once the ban time is over, we will give you a message. 4. If you do not follow the rules at the fourth time, we will ban you forever and giving a message will not work anymore.


1. As people who not care what they're doing, do not add unnecessary pages. 2. Make sure you know what you're doing and what are you going to publish. 3. You should know the personality, appearance, etc. 4. If you finally published it, tell an admin about it.

Hopefully all users will follow this.

Create the article!

Once you read the rules, you can finally add a page!