Make a way, newts!
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Cloetta Spelletta


Magic Power
Can transform into anything
Witch mark
Moon and stars
Phantom Angel
Favorite pet
Favorite color
Hot pink
Favorite movie
The Devil Wears Prada
Favorite food
Fried Spider Ice Cream

Cloetta Spelletta is one of the main characters of Bratzillaz. A girl of split personality with the power to change anything and everything!


Bewitching Cloetta Spelletta shows there are two sides to every girl! One side funky and flirty, the other full of surprises!

Spelletta adores two-tone fashions, over-the-knee boots, sparkly capes and hair that goes straight...and curly!


Cloetta is a ghostly white skinned girl (on the cartoon, her skin is pale pink) with pale pink cheeks, gray eye makeup on her right eye, and hot pink lips. Her right eye is orange-pink, while her left is bright blue. She has long, slightly frizzy hair about hip/waist length with very long bangs. The left side is dark gray with black curls, while the right side is white with bright pink curls. Her witchmark, located on her right shoulder is a cresent moon with three stars.

Cloetta's color scheme is normally shown as pink and black. With small amounts of white and/or gray. She wears a split themed outfit, consisting of a short dress with the bottom/skirt part being wrapped to the center of her white belt, with a row of pearls and a silver shield on it. The right side is magenta-pink while the left is black. The right sleeve is un-attached and tight, while the left is a princess-puff sleeve. She wears a pearl ornament, almost resembling a ribcage on the front of her dress. She wears very skinny/tight boots with a buckle at the very top. The right is pink, while the left is black. Cloetta also wears a wispy two-tone cape, the right is pink with stars and the left is black with curly symbols. Her hat is a black witch hat with a pink band and a matching pink feather.