Only a De Nile can beat a De Nile!
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Don't worry, ghoulfriend, her nose, knows.

Clawdeen Wolf


October 30th
Killer Style
I'm a fierce fashionista with a confident no-nonsense attitude. I'm also gorgeous, intimidating, and absolutely loyal to my friends.
Freaky Flaw
My hair is worthy of a shampoo commercial and that's just what grows on my legs. Plucking and shaving is definitely a full time job but that's a small price to pay for being scarily fabulous.
Crescent, a scary but a cute little kitten
Favorite School Subject
Economics. One day I plan on having my own fashion empire and I want to know as much about business as I do about fashion.
Least Favorite School Subject
Gym. It's only because they won't let me participate in my platform heels.
Favorite Color
Gold. It's the only thing me and Cleo de Nile can ever agree on.
Favorite food

Clawdeen Wolf is a fierce fashionista, and stands out in any crowd. She has many siblings, including her older brother Clawd, and her younger sister Howleen.


In the English version of the cartoon, Clawdeen's voice is provided by Salli Saffioti, who also provides the voice for Clawdeen's "alpha rival" Cleo de Nile. In the music video for the Fright Song, there are several character analogues who received creative interpretation by the video crew. The "Leopard Girl", considered the Clawdeen analogue, is portrayed by Britany Cole.


Clawdeen is a confident, energetic, and fierce werewolf. According to a diary entry by Ghoulia Yelps, she goes a bit "freaky" when in the presence of the full moon, (or something resembling it, such as a spotlight) but often ends up using this to her advantage. She's also fiercely loyal and protective to her friends and family, but can be quick to anger when her loyalty feels threatened. Coming from a big family, she's mostly had to fend for herself, which has created a streak of resourcefulness in her, some examples being not above taking hand-me-downs despite being a self proclaimed "fashionista", and even running a DIY craft video blog.


Clawdeen has a slender athletic build, brown skin and dark brown hair, usually long and flowing with many curls. Although this is how she keeps it most of the time, she changes her hairstyle and color often and likes to experiment. Her eyes are hazel/yellow. Also, her hair grows rapidly.She mentions in her profile that shaving and waxing is a daily routine. Her look is further characterized by white fangs, pointy wolf ears and sharp claws.