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Jade J'Adore

Jade is the cousin of Jade. Jade has the witchmark that is a heart with an arrow. Her pet is named Kissifuss. She has the ability to fix broken hearts.

Yasmina Clairvoya

Yasmina is the cousin of Yasmin. Her witchmark is an Egyptian Eye, similar to Cleo de Nile. Her pet is called Winkers, a strange pet, like an alien. Her ability is to see the future.

Cloetta Spelletta

Cloetta is the cousin of Cloe. Her witchmark is the Moon and the Stars. Her pet is called Barkthalameow, a very strange one, stranger than Winkers, because it's a CatDog. Her ability is to change something.

Meygana Broomstix

Meygana is the cousin of Meygan. Her witchmark are wings. Her pet is called Wingzy, a baby pegasus. Her ability to make something fly.

Sashabella Paws

Sashabella is the cousin of Sasha. Her witchmark is a tribal cat. Her pet is Fluffinscruff. Her ability is to animal chat.

Vampelina 1

Vampelina's cousin from the Bratz is unknown. Her witchmark is possibly fangs. Her pet is called Batric. According to the Midnight Beach webisode, her ability is to see in the dark.

Fianna Fins
Fianna 1

Fianna's cousin from the Bratz is Fianna. Her witchmark is a mermaid's tail. Her pet is unknown. According to the Midnight Beach webisode, just like Vampelina, her ability is to change the weather.